The Price is Right

Question: Who wants to be on The Price is Right?
Can you imagine yourself standin’ on stage

playin’ Plinko for a plane ride to Paris…
stoppin’ the yodeler for a new Yaris… … More Hands?



Or: When I Finished My First Screenplay… (That sounds
pretentious, doesn’t it? There’s no other way

to say it, though, and it’s the subject of this
poem, thus it has to be said. If it makes … More Weird



Plato’s indices indicate Socrates

had many followers … and damn, were their feet

tired. They were walking all day with John Lee … More Them

Of Space

Bug Comic

Do you kill insects or shoo them away? Think
for a moment – you’re a fly or a spider
with a life span of 60 hours or so
and it’s the middle of March in Michigan. … More Of Space