Who? … What? … Why?


Oh dear gentle reader, remember your Saints?
No, not the New Orleans savages who stole

our “Who-Dey” and turned it into “Who-Dat,”
but the ones you may have been forced to write down

once per day, every day, for ten straight years.
My personal favorite is Saint Jude. He

was one of the twelve apostles and a huge
fan of The Beatles way before his song was

released a few thousand years after he died.
His day of feast, depending on where you live,

is either October 28th or June
the 19th. Then there’s Saint Stephanie and Saint

Victor of Damascus. Their day of feast is
November the 11th. Their story is

horrendous, but not as dramatic as Saint
Lucia, “a brave and noble woman I

admire very much.” Not quite as much as
Judy Davis, though. I know what you’re thinking…


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