We Are Not Dead


Heavy is the head?
You know it, brother.
At least that’s how it
was before, but now
the weight’s been lifted.

The veil has been pulled.
Free men are free, but
what of the women?
They’re free too, of course.
Everyone is free
these days … ain’t it grand?

Kick start your brain and
hear tones vibrating
up and down the necks
of six-stringed axes.

Black, red and green notes
intertwine with chords
of silver and gold
to create the blues.

38 theories
of music and love…
odes to joy and peace.
But why? It’s simple:
Music soothes The Beast.
That’s ancient wisdom.

The Seven Sages
stand awaiting One
to do battle with
and the wicked ways
of power-hungry
devils who crave more.

More what? Name it. More
wars, more lust, more fear
and money, money,
money. Lords of the
Almighty Dollar.

Can’t take it with ‘em…
Won’t give it away.
Misers hate freedom
and justice and the
American Dream.
But most of all you
And me. They loathe us.

Right now we’re caged birds.
It’s high time we sing
and let the jerks know
our souls won’t be sucked
bent, blown, or broken.
We’re alive, damn it
So let’s act like it.

Get busy living
or trudge to our death
down lonely highways
leading us nowhere
as we waste away
to nothing but dust
scattered in the wind.


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