Just Desserts


Here’s some advice for you on the street:
If you’ve a gal to sweep off her feet
take her down to a diner and buy her some pie

with ice cream. It’s a wonderful treat.
Vanilla or chocolate? Equally sweet.
Pour coffee in a mug. If it’s too hot add ice.

Yummy. Delicious. Food and caffeine.
After you eat inhale nicotine
through a paper tube rolled in North Carolina

on tobacco road – the tar heel scene
where the air’s so fresh it feels like a dream.
I’m telling you, friend, no place on Earth is finer.

The natives have red eyes and blue hair
blue devils and red angels everywhere
Just throw a rock and you’ll hit one that’s beautiful

and smart and funny. Try not to gawk
if you see one dancing near a bean stalk
or a log, or a lake, or a mountain that’s full

of purple majestic beings so fair.
My God, my friends … they’re everywhere.
To be favored this way I must be lucky, eh?

Lucky or otherwise, I don’t know.
I can’t believe the things I’ve been shown.
Truth be told, I didn’t ask for this. Anyway

I apologize for my digression.
Where was I? Oh yes. On with the lesson
about what to do when you meet the one above.

Speak to her with tones of compassion.
Give to her freely – do not ration
the thoughts and feelings once withheld from one in love

with a man of unequal measure
(to some folks). To her he’s a treasure.
You might even say he’s her favorite person.

God knows why, must be wicked pleasure
sinful delight or service indentured.
Whatever it is, now’s the time to get the work done.

Once you realize why the caged belle rings
you know your song well. Go on and sing
you phoenix, you legend – frozen wings on fire.

Who’s going to stop you? None of these fools
You’re the one keeping yourself in school.
You’ve already fallen. It’s time to get higher.

Go out and win friends and influence.
Open those eyes, look through that twin lens
and maybe ask, “Who writes poems about desserts?”

Nobody, that’s who. Just me and you.
Most folks live in lies, but friend, try not to.
We all reap what we sow and earn our just deserts.


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