In an alternate world, Kijana Carter
rushed for 12,038 yards and one
hundred touchdowns over a nine year career.
David Klingler, Dan Wilkinson, and John
Copeland were dominant and the Bengals ruled
The AFC – that’s American Football
Conference, if you are unfamiliar
with Hand Egg played on the gridiron or the
frozen tundra up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
In the real world, Brett Favre killed Cincinnati
back in the early ’90’s. The Bengals were
two and oh and damned optimistic about
the season, then this Southern Mississippi
gunslinger comes to town with a sharp sterling
needle he used to shred our secondary.
The men in orange and black stripes lost that day
on a last-minute touchdown play by the young
quarterback, up until that point, few folks knew
number 4’s name. Even less knew how it was
pronounced. Fav-ray? Favor? Is that French, or what?
Farve is how it should be spelled, just like Patrick
Roy’s jersey should have said Wah … he played
for Montreal in the year Brett killed my team’s…


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