The Right Pair of Eyes


I have an idea for a feature-length
film, if anyone wants to write the screenplay.
Get this: right? Imagine Miss Cate Blanchett as
a mild-mannered woman who works in an
office building somewhere in New York. Each night
she dreams she’s an Angel in all white fighting
a horned warrior dressed in gray armor,
carrying a shield with a red X on it.
Her chain-mail, however, is light and airy.
She’s hard to be caught, that one, and her name is
Lucifer – The First Knight of El. She is free
In the dream world to fight. Instead she dances
Like water, taunting her enemy with his
own anger and issues because she knows what
he does in the real world. She knows he lives in
Los Angeles and works as a movie star.
Picture Will Smith or Brad Pitt. Either one works.
Flip a coin and picture that guy in the role
of Michael Creighton Gilbert – famous actor.
AKA Archangel Michael in the dream.
Lily is trapped in the body of a cat
named Muffins who lives with Cate. Mike’s brother Sam
lives in Nashua. He’s a shepherd who tends
goats and sheep and cows and pigs and all that stuff
along with his friend Ben. Their work breaks their backs
because they’re farmers … ranchers. Cowpoke. Just two
dudes hanging out with livestock Nothing wrong with
that. They’re all right. Anyway, each night when the
sun goes down and the Sandman sprinkles magic
dust on their eyes, these people enter the dream,
strap on plate armor and engage in battle.
What if at the end some drunken blind man walked
into the middle of the war, took of his
clothes and started doing the Funky Chicken,
the war ends and the characters can sleep in
peace? Happily ever after … or something.
Who knows, maybe it could make a profit for…


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