“We’re on a mission from God.”


That’s a line from The Blues Brothers. This is not
about that film, however. This verse is for
my Aunt Pat. She was and is a school teacher.
A church-goer. Dog Watcher. Librarian.
Head full of white hair with steel blue eyes that see
each move you make if you’re in their line of sight.
She’s sharp, that one – sharp as a tack. Mrs. Glynn.
She’s about 50 or 60 years
older than God and twice as intelligent.
Quite a short woman, but I bet she’s taller
than Bob Dylan. Not Kris Kristofferson, though.
She’d be his Dancing Queen anytime. Right? Right.
Did I mention she likes swaying to Abba?
Who’s her favorite singer? I think it’s Neil
Diamond. Sweet Patricia: I love you, ma’am.
Should we never lock eyes again, I’m honored
to have called you my friend. Remember that trip
We took to South Bend back in ’94? My God
I was a bastard, wasn’t I? I know. My
bad. Do you recall the t-shirt I had on?
The one that made Lou Holtz get off his go cart?
The front read Fenwick Basketball. The back said…


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