Right On.


Oh Yoko. Ohhhh Yoko. Why did you scream like
that in front of Chuck and everyone? I saw
the black and yellow orb weaver over my
right shoulder. Why did Holly Golightly have
a cat? Any ideas, Cleopatra?
Sheba? Cats are revered, never worshiped.
And Virus? We ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s
Farm no more. You don’t know what trouble is, witch.
The blind lead the blind like lemmings over
cliffs. Your time? This is our time. Bapho-Matt is
my gnarly old friend. He’s my father. Da. I
am The Devil’s son. EL and LE in one. Oh
goodness gracious. Mercy me. They used to burn
wood in factories and weigh ducks named Harvey,
then the whore-asaurus Rex showed up and all
over the world people sang Ode to Joy. Take
a bow, Hunter: King of the Squared Circle. Oh…


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