The Shadow Knows


If Angels aren’t real, how do I hear The
Black Crows talking about thick locks of hair in

pockets and crosses around necks? What does that
even mean, man? I’m outside, listening to

the wrens sigh and a blue and green dragonfly
buzzes past my ear like the biggest bug you’ve

ever seen or heard about. Thing is, if
you believe in Angels … I mean … what about

Demons? What about Paimon? What about the
many they call Legion? What about The Duke?

Does anyone even remember Lilith?
What about the one they call Azazel, eh?

Where are they and why do I know their names? Do
I know more? Maybe. Maybe not. Can you count?

How many balls do I have in play? If a
person called on me to meet at the crossroads

what would He or She or Them or It say? Would
they call me “Brother”? Would they call me “Boss”? What

about “Friend”? I don’t have too many of those.
I do know one man, though, who tends to say he’d

rather be lucky than good any day. Ha!
Who steals one wish when the other option is

freedom and peace for all humankind? Some folks
think they can get lucky by carrying a

penny around in the sole of their right shoe.
“Lucky 7”? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Whose cock do you have to suck to be called that?
“Wait … is the son of God green and gold or not?”

Yeah, right. If you believe that, you’re wicked. Those
are the colors of the Green Bay Packers, dudes,

but don’t worry … you’re all right. We’re all alright.
Right? Write. What was I saying? Oh yeah … brothers.

Some folks gather together in massive halls
and boardrooms pouring blood into a magic

crystal skull or rotten flesh into a bowl
of potions and elixirs discovered on

old timey apothecary tables so
they can see what people throughout history

are doing. By the way, Yeager says “El-o.”
He was a pilot. I wonder where he was

on the day John F. Kennedy was murdered.
Perhaps he was flying over Dallas. There’s

a line in a Pink Floyd song that says, “Black and
Blue … and who knows which is which and who is who?”

Speaking of witches and mystical orbs used
to communicate with those in parallel

dimensions: your power is false. What do you
really hear? You know it’s not God. So Who Is…


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