“O Quench You Ocha”


Whoa. Hey there. Did you just say White Devil? Heh.
I had a dream I saw Miley Cyrus and
Old Dirty Bastard walking towards the sea.
They were holding hands and the sun was shining
over the ocean. O.D.B. quoted Will
Shakespeare, but he got the play wrong. It’s all right,
though. At least he was trying. What did he say?
He quoted The Merchant of Venice, but he
told her the line was from Othello. Then he
told her it was her birthday. Then he told her
he didn’t give a fuck it was her birthday.
Then 50 Cent showed up and said he was the
“Osiris of this shit and Wu Tang is here
forever … motherfucker.”  After that old
Billy Ray showed up, pulled a guitar off his
his shoulder and started strumming a Nancy
Sinatra tune in the key of B Sharp. And…
What? Is there gonna be a problem here, bruh?
Excuse me, white devil, while I whip out my
big blue pen and quote a line from Jim Carrey…


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