In the Other


The town of Pensacola, Florida
is filled with life, legends and loose women
in rebel flag thongs prowling for hard men
in black and yellow banana hammocks.
There’s a saying down here that goes, “Come on
vacation, end up on probation, leave
in violation because despite all
the crime in the city, our police force
is interested in writing tickets
to fund their phony-baloney traffic
stops. Now for a joke that’s both sad and true.
Who spends more time in the shadows waiting
for their next victim? Serial killers
or cops? Uh oh … it’s the thought police.
“The vermin are on the loose! Car 54?
Where are you? Donde esta, amigo?
A free thinker’s running free! Murder! Death!
Kill! We’ll take him out while the constable
is parked on the side of the road behind a
billboard for Legendary Fitness with
his radar gun in one hand and his dick…


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