Whisper Words of Wisdom or…


A book report on four Lads from Liverpool:
I really, really, really, really, really
like the album called One. (Music Nirvana.)

This is a band that can play any style.
They spit hot fire. They rip and they rhyme. They
rock when they want to and this record proves that.

The Beatles grew up in front of the world’s eyes.
Check this out: take a look at the track listing:
1. Love Me Do – You know this one, right? Of course.

  1. From Me to You – “Lips that long to kiss you.”
  2. She Loves You –  “Yeah, yeah, yeah. She loves you. Yeah…”
  3. I Want to Hold Your Hand – 10/4? Yep.

  4. Can’t Buy Me Love – is not about money.

  5. A Hard Day’s Night – is not about a job.
  6. I Feel Fine – Sing along: “I feel fine.”

  7. Days a Week – so I save a syllable.

  8. Ticket to Ride – is not about a trip.
  9. Help! – “I need somebody. Not just any…”

  10. Yesterday – “Oh, I believe in…”

  11. Day Tripper – The Beatles hallucinate…
  12. We Can Work It Out – …and come to life.

  13. Paperback Writer – like Kilgore Trout.

  14. Yellow Submarine – I don’t even…
  15. Eleanor Rigby – Socks. Drawers. Ahem…

  16. Penny Lane – Her name was Lady.

  17. All You Need Is Love – that’s John Lennon.
  18. Hello, Goodbye – Hey Target? Eat shit.

  19. Lady Madonna – she makes ends meet.

  20. Hey Jude – One of Paul’s best songs. Why?
  21. Get Back – “I’m not a witch. I’m your…”

  22. The Ballad of John and Yoko.

  23. Something – That last line makes me weep.
  24. Come Together – near a park bench.

  25. Let It Be – “But will there be an…”

  26. The Long and Winding Road – For whom?
    The Bell tolls, Lady. It tolls for thee. Will you…

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