I think you get the picture.


A view of Argos, seen from the ancient eyes
of a man known as Perseus: “Let’s see, uh…
I’m on a hill, looking down the rocky steps

of the town amphitheater. There are
trees to the left and right of the stage and some
jerk is just standing there staring at nothing.

He’s not doing a thing. He’s just standing there.
I wonder what he sees. I bet he wishes
there was a way to capture this moment in

time so he could look at it later and think
back on what it felt like to be in this place.
‘Kαμάρα!’ I hear a voice shout from behind,

and it sounds like ‘camera!’ I turn to look,
but whoever said it has disappeared. Odd.
It’s like he vanished into a dark chamber.

Off in the distance are mountains. I’ve climbed them.
All of them. Why? Because I’m Perseus. So?
Big whoop. Wanna fight about it? I killed the

Gorgon, gods-damn it. You know, Medusa? Yep.
Lopped her head right off. It was … it was vile.
Snakes and blood and snakes and blood and snakes and … well…”


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