Another train was stopped in the station. “Well?”
she asked. “What’s it gonna be then, eh? Are you
staying or going?” I shrugged and said nothing.
She sighed dramatically, like some character

from a Greek tragedy. I smiled at her.
“Want to hear a joke?” I said. “Sure,” she replied.
“Knock-knock.” Her face turned sour. “Are you for real?”
“Knock-knock,” I replied. She sighed again. “Who’s there?”

“Banana,” I chuckled, softly. “Banana
who?” she said. I paused, then said “Knock-knock,” again.
The woman’s mouth remained in a frozen line.
“Who’s there?” she mumbled. “Banana,” I told her.

“Banana who?” I nodded. She shook her head.
“Knock-knock,” I said, trying not to snicker. “I
hate you,” she deadpanned. “No you don’t,” I stated.
“Knock-knock.” The woman hesitated. “Who’s there?”


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