Today was just awful. They say if your boss
thinks you’re a lost cause, they mostly ignore you.

If that’s the case my supervisor thinks I’m
great and chooses to let me know by always

running to me with questions like, “Where is this?
Who put that there? Why is this over here? What

in God’s name were you thinking about, dummy,
when you decided to tell a customer

not to rent that stove? Explain yourself, asshole.”
Sure thing, boss: I made a simple judgment call.

Is that all right? She smelled like Jack Daniels and
it’s ten o’clock on a Tuesday. Of course I

shooed her away. May I do my job now? I’m
good at it, you know, when you allow me to

be and get the hell out of my way. Go ask
someone else about the mundane details. I’m

busy doing all the shit work none of them
want to do. I labor so you will leave me…


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