Remember what happens next?


While researching dissolution I found
a copy of Use Your Illusion, Part Two,
by an American band known as Guns and

Roses. The blue one – it has You Could be Mine
on it. That music video was way cool.
It had Arnold as Das Terminator and

at the end he’s walking past Slash and Axel
and the rest while his CPU processor
scans their faces to see if they are a threat.

After that it all gets fuzzy. I think Duff
McKagan blows smoke in his face and puts a
cigar out on his chest, but I can’t be sure.

Wait … no. That’s the opening scene of the film
Terminator 2. Duh. Now I feel stupid.
Anyway, Arnie gets sent back in time and

he walks into a bar and tells a man, “I
need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.”
If I recall correctly, everyone laughs…


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