12 Bar Blues


If I could bookend a song with the two best
chords in the history of music, at least

in my opinion, I’d look no further than
The Beatles. To start, we have the one that leads

us into A Hard Day’s Night. Wow, right? George said
he played an F with a G on top on his

Rickenbacker, but we’d have to ask Paul to
get the full story. Why? I don’t know. Ask Paul.

He was The Walrus, right? He played bass guitar.
He may or may not have died in the sixties

and been replaced by a doppelganger named
Billy Shears. Who knows? Who cares? Let’s move on to

the chord I’d use to end the song this poem’s
about: You know the song, A Day in the Life?

Following the final crescendo, the song
ends with an E-major chord that ring outs for

over forty seconds. It’s bliss, goddamn it.
And what of the middle? Well, that’s too easy:


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