Syllables, Asshole?


I speak often about movies and music.
People. Places. Things. They say simple folk talk

about that kind of stuff and they’re right. I’m dumb
as a fencepost, for the most part. So what? What

makes you so brainy? My friend Will used to say
“We’re all equally smart.” I disagree.

I think we’re all equally stupid, though each
of us has a few things we do very well.

Take, for instance, Steven Hawkins – he’s the best
damned wheelman in all of Duluth … can’t do math,

but he’ll get you anywhere you need to go
after robbing a bank or jewelry store.

The most wretched people are those who believe
they’re the smartest person in the room and need

you to know it. I always want to ask them,
“What can you do with sixteen lines of eleven…”


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