Must be insane.


I’ve never been to New York City. Is that
blasphemy when you live in America?

To tell the truth, I’ve been through there on my way
from Maine to Ohio and back again. I

think I crossed the George Washington bridge, but I
can’t be certain. I don’t know the town at all

and simply can’t comprehend how people pack
their things and move there with only a fist full

of money and big fat zero in their
bank account. Isn’t it about two thousand

dollars per month to rent a one bedroom/one
bath walk-up on the fourth floor of a condemned

building in Hell’s Kitchen? I’ve heard a piece of
pizza at Sbarros is something like twenty

bucks. I’d have to live off hotdogs and rats I
trapped in and around the lobby of my

building, but I’ve got a feeling that all the
animals I caught would become my pets and

I’d be known as the Crazy Rat Man on the
fourth floor. “Stay away from that lunatic!” They’d

shout each time They saw me outside my tiny
apartment, which wouldn’t be often, because

who feels safe leaving 30,000 rats at
home with no supervision? Are you kidding?

Personally I don’t see the appeal of
living in such a big place. More people just

means more shitheads you have to deal with from day
to day and if the awful things I’ve been told

about the subterranean railway
system are true, well … let’s just say I won’t be

riding the subway anytime soon. I mean…
alligators? Yikes. You people from New York…


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