Again? …. Si.


Taylor Momsen: if you’re reading this, I have
written about you before. I think you’re damned
elegant and I hope I don’t come off as

creepy or lunatic fringe. I’m just a fan
of your work … of your verse … of your tone and your
timbre. When on stage you are the strongest oak

in the forest, but what about when you’re not?
Can you hold an actual conversation?
Can you hold your liquor? Do you sing in the

shower? Do you write in isolation? How
often do you play your guitar? There are a
million questions I’d like to ask you. I think

you’re interesting, but who the fuck doesn’t?
You’re cool, lady. May I come on tour with you
and write what I see, the way that kid did in

Almost Famous? That’s one of my favorite
movies. I’d write for peanuts, a place to sleep
and time with you. Maybe catch a show now and…


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