I Will Be Wrong Again

SNL Killer-Bees

Back in the seventies, right after the first
episode of Saturday Night Live, Network

executives gave the cast some feedback: “We
loved it, but cut the bees. They aren’t funny.”

What did Belushi and company do? They
showed up on the second show decked out in black

and yellow, with those ridiculous wire
antennae bouncing up and down. Every-

one in the cast was a Killer Bee that night.
They knew the bees weren’t funny, but they did

it anyway. Why? Because, “Fuck off, assholes.
No one’s gonna tell us what to do. Ever.”

This, of course, was back when the show was still
new – the epitome of Counterculture.

Charles Grodin had the same attitude when
he hosted his one and only episode.

He pretended to be confused by all the
madness going on around him and even

said, “I don’t see how this is funny,” during
another damnable Killer Bees sketch. I

think he’s been banned for life from 30 Rock., but
I could be wrong. I have been wrong before and…


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