Very Funny, God.


I have a fairly odd relationship with
motorbikes and cigarettes. When I was young

neither appealed to me. These days, however,
I smoke about a pack of Camels per day

and get excited when I hear the roar of
a passing Triumph. Who knows why? Not me, babe.

Nope. All I can say is I flipped a four-wheeled
ATV down the steep side of a mountain

and walked away with nary a scratch. Just a
slight concussion and a fractured wrist. Nothing

major, you know? I got hurt worse when I was young.
Still, that’s the day I got my bell rung and smelled

the overpowering stench of death and de-
-cay just outside my mind’s blind third eye. It was

a fairly odd feeling, reaching out with my
hand and feeling nothing but sharp rocks and dirt.

Right now the radio’s playing Living Dead
Girl by Rob Zombie and his band. Ha ha ha…


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