Old Man Dylan … come fetch this girl.


First CD I ever bought was the Cocktail
Soundtrack. You know the one – with Kokomo and

Don’t Worry. Be Happy? Bobby McFerrin.
Not Bob Marley. I’ve actually heard someone

tell me that. I just let them go on with it,
knowing someone would correct someday. That’s

the way it works, right? Or are we too buried
in our cell phones and life to look up from time

to time? Yes, I see the irony in you
looking down to read this, but look up. Go on.

So … what did you see? Now that you’re back down here:
where are you, really? Look up again. … That’s real.

The stage of life. Humanity in motion.
People rushing to get nowhere. Why? What, me

hurry? Are you mad? Pick up a magazine
to pay attention to how other people

live their lives. Don’t focus on yours. No way, man.
You’re perfect … flawless. You are Taylor Momsen.

If you’re not, chew some bubble gum and kick ass
in some other part of town. Jack and Meg White

were married once. Then they got a divorce and
all the while The White Stripes rocked on. Who knows?

They probably hate each other sometimes, but
there’s no loathing, nor fear of abandonment.

Deep down, they’re friends. Jack and Meg. She’s his big sis.
Those are his words, not mine. Megh and I? We’re fine.

We’re friends, each suffering, alone together
in a place neither of us wants to be. Oh

well, I suppose. At least we have our health, right?
And it’s nice to have someone to talk to. Still…


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