D stands for…


Can anyone tell me if Bob Dylan was
spoken poorly of after he wrote “Sad-Eyed
Lady of the Lowlands” for Miss Sara Lownds
after staying up for days in the Chelsea

Hotel? Motel. Holiday Inn. That’s a rap
song from the nineties, but I can’t remember
who it is. It’s just simple music to dance
to. What was that line in that Wu Tang Clan song?

“The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum.” Hey…
I didn’t say it. I’m just quoting it. When
I was seventeen I had a bass system
installed in my Chevy S-10 truck. It was

blue. Its occupants were mostly white. There was
red and black all over. Wildcat paws on
driveways covered in red, green and orange leaves
that crunched so loudly when trampled underfoot.

Ohio in the fall is something I can’t
quite put into writing as well as I’d like to.
Even in the suburbs most people act like
people they’re not. Whatever it takes to fit

in. I knew one kid who dressed like Eazy E.
one year and Hank Williams Junior the next. So?
I made a mix tape with Garth Brooks, Doctor Dre
and Green Day. So? Fuck you. I just like music.

I think Pat Benatar is cute. I think Joan
Jett’s sound is sexy. I think Boston rocks and
so does U2. Snoop Doggy Dogg and The Black
Keys. The White Stripes, too. Nirvana. Tenacious…


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