Choice. Do I…?


About death: I have a feeling it’s a lot
like life, only much weirder and only the

strong survive … or those with a ticket to ride.
It’s odd that Bob Dylan sang the lyric, “You

should be made at all times to carry a tel-
iPhone,” back in the sixties, instead of the

words he sings in the studio version of
“Ballad of a Thin Man.” It’s like he could glimpse

into other times or something. Then I went
back and watched the episode of SNL

where Eric Idle hosts and Andy Kaufman
wrestles a woman. 1979.

Salty Sea Captain Dylan takes time off from
sailing ‘round the world to play guitar for a

crowd of people who had no idea what an
amazing moment in time they witnessed. Three

of the most “quote” important entertainers
of the 20th century all on one

stage. Think about being there. Kaufman. Idle
Dylan. Holy hell, what a collection. There

was a sketch about sarcasm. They mostly
yapped about Bruce Jenner. Seriously. An

old lady once told me to live my own time.
I don’t want to. Then again, I don’t have a….


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