Victors Say What?


There’s a great scene in The Grapes of Wrath, starring
Henry Fonda, where someone stands in front of

their house, begging a neighbor (who sits on a
running bulldozer) not to demolish his

home. The other man, though? He was paid by
the bank to do so, so he does so. All their

history doesn’t matter at that point. They’re
both broke. One chooses to earn some cash from

helping the people who want the normal folk
down in a hole, buried in their shit. You know …

where normal people belong? Taxed to death. Rushed
at all times because deadlines are constant and

time cards won’t punch themselves. That’s why we fought the
Civil War. Yankees live and die by the clock.

In the south they make sweet tea and hate people
who tell them what they will and will not do. They

also hate hypocrites. “Who do you think you
are, North? You have slaves, too. And the workers you

employ for a fraction of your profits? How
much do they make an hour? What about you?”

Anyway, that’s just my take on it. Some folks
think slavery was the main reason it went

down. I disagree, but respect your right to
have an opinion on the matter. It’s not

like any of us will ever know who’s right.
After all, history is written by whom?


Tell me what you think ...

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