James Gandolfini is dead. You’re alive. Act like it.


Quick joke about Ohio: Why does it boast
more astronauts than any other state?

Answer: space is as far away from it
as you can get. Ohio sucks. There’s nothing

to do. There’s nowhere to go. Unless, of course,
you like out-door activities like fishing,

golf, hunting and so on and so forth. Problem
is? All those things cost money and money’s in

short supply by lots of folks these days. We’re broke.
All of us. Apparently our entire

planet is in debt. I saw a great picture
online about it. It said, “Who do we owe?

Mercury? … Venus? … Mars?” What can I say? It
made me laugh out loud. It’s too bad there’s not an

easier way to say that. Oh … wait. El. Oh.
El? L-O-L? That works, doesn’t it? Who was

the first person to type that? Was it Al Gore?
“Man-Bear-Pig.” That’s a South Park joke. “Steeeeve Perry!”

That’s a Base-ketball joke. What a great movie.
Steve Perry was the lead singer of Journey.

He sang Tony Soprano’s favorite song.
Remember when that guy walked out of the … boom.


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