Hey Taylor Momsen … Happy Birthday! LOL. OMG. WTF? BBQ? BYOB.


“Happy Birthday, Taylor.”
Something tells me,
you hate that as much as…

“I do?” Who wants to get
married these days?
What do we have left, like …

maybe six or sixty-
four years before
our planet says, “Enough!”

and scrapes us off of her
for the last time?
We’re gross. We’re parasites.

We’re leeches, bleeding her
dry. Oil? Yeah…
right. Name the resource. We’ve

drilled it like rock-hounds and
roughnecks. Ben and
Bruce Willis. What a team.

Ben? Yeah, old Ben. Affleck.
You know, like the
duck from the commercials?

How many times a day
do you think he
hears that one? A million?

Ha! That’s what 50 got.
He’s broke now. So?
Bruce Wayne: Why do we fall?

So we learn to get back…
Up made me cry.
That old man and his wife?

Phenomenal movie.
Speaking of which…
Hey Taylor … I hope. You

have a great afternoon,
a pleasant night
and a bright tomorrow.

Don’t let anyone get
in the way of
your work. You’re amazing.

If I never meet you
that is OK.
I just wanted to say,

“Happy birthday, asshole.”
Have a Coke and
a smile and rock on.



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