Rest in Peace Robin Williams


“Peter Rabbit is a stupid book about a stupid rabbit
who stole vegetables from other people’s…”

Stop. What’s the next word? Ask Iron Butterfly,
they’ll tell you, sort of, in their drug-induced way.

In a Gadda Da Vida? Remember when
Bart Simpson switched out the sheet music at church?

“In the Garden of Eden” by I. Ron But-
tterfly. Hilarious, right? Still, it works as

a song to be sung in a house of God ‘cuz
it’s a song about walking with God. Right? Yes.

Sure, the singer’s too stoned or drunk to sing right
but the message remains the same. “I miss you.”

That’s kind of universal, isn’t it? We
all miss someone we’ve lost, whether they’re dead or

alive. The first two lines from this are Lucy’s
first two lines from her Book Report on Peter

Rabbit from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Mom
bought me that CD last Christmas because we

used to listen to it when I was a kid.
Ironically … no, coincidentally

Meghan and own that movie. It was one
of the first things we talked about, out by the

bonfire behind Mischief’s house. I was there
with some friends, a little tired and a bit

more wired than I should have been. When I met
Megh she was dating some kid named Dillon. I

swear that’s true. It’s all true. And it’s too crazy.
Too weird to live and way too crazy to die.

If you take your life in this world it’s like the
old Asian man at the end of Inception.

You just keep falling deeper and deeper ‘til
you hit rock bottom. Problem is, at that point

you’ve forgotten you’re dead like Robin Williams’
wife at the end of When Dreams May Come. She thought

she lived in a house, remember? What was it?
She was alone … so tell me, who had she been

interacting with before Robin showed up
and told her about Carlton Fisk’s home run

and how it wasn’t her fault and that he loved
her for who she was not who he wanted her

to be? He did the same thing for Will Hunting.
He was a Psychopomp, you see? A guide. A

helping hand to help free us from mortal
sins and shell casings. Water weight. Shed it, man.

If I can do it, anyone can, right? It’s
like Kurt Cobain said. “I think I’m dumb. I think…”


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