Hey Kanye West … You Suckle.


Hey Kan-yay, I’m not a plastic fan, man,
so I have to tell you: KNOCK IT OFF. Fans

made you, Jesus saved you, but now you’re
rich and powerful. So? You’re an asshole.

Flashing Lights was so damned good. Suits? Cases?
Yeah! That’s really deep, huh? Well hell, Kanye

you tell me. You know everything, right? Pfft.
You’re a wordsmith just like many others.

Kanye is not special. He’s someone who
would see a woman fall and keep walking.

Why? We’ve covered this already. You suck
the air out rooms you enter, but dude.

Leave Jay Z’s wife alone. Focus on you.
Maybe go back and finish school, you child.

You boy. You rich, selfish shellfish. Hey
Kanye … do you like fish sticks? Hey Kanye

will you please jump in the Atlantic Ocean?
I bet Jaws is out there somewhere … waiting.


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