Assholes Like…


This world? It’s a jailhouse.
You made this place hell.

Remember Johnny Cash?
He knew this quite well.
It’s in the lyrics to
Folsom Prison Blues.

It’s in Van Gogh’s paintings
of his well-worn shoes
and the faces of folks
eating potatoes
after a hard day’s work.

Imagine Plato
in a cave, seeing light
from somewhere outside
and knowing he was stuck
in darkness … no pride’s
enough to overcome
that much loneliness.

Go and ask Bob Dylan.
“Like a Rolling Stone”?
That’s not about Edie,
or Suze or Joan.

It’s just about people.
The way they all act
like they know more than you
regardless of facts.
There’s a lesson for life.

The man with high hair
just wanted his Wife,
a lady so fair
words such as He and She
lose their importance.
Us is what he wanted.
Family fortune.
But that wasn’t enough.

The Leeches of Hell
demanded more of him
knowing they could sell
a Mid-Western prophet
to mindless zombies.

All Bob Dylan did
was drink black coffee
and rewrite old verses
from souls “in the know”
such as Dante, Jesus
Shakespeare and Rimbaud
while strumming acoustic
guitar like R.L..
It’s called The Tradition.
Bob understood well.

But you, stuck in bondage
you don’t understand
because you’re not artists.
You are only fans.
who have nothing to say,
but say it so loud.
A Legion of Many.
The Masses. The Crowd.

Dear Lord, take a look at
the hatred endured
by Dylan when he switched
to electric chords.
They called the man Judas.
and said he was fake.
More than one person said,
“His bones we should break.”

This next part should be said
with a nasal twang
by the biggest asshole
who ever spat slang:

“His name is not Dylan.
It’s Bob Zimmerman.
I don’t like him these days.
Nope. I’m not a fan
He’s changed. He’s different.
I’m the same old me
Why can’t he just be who
I want him to be?”

Do you think that’s not Hell?
You ignorant sods,
you are all just mortals.
None of you are gods,
so what gives you the right
to tell anyone
the way all things should be
underneath the sun?

Is that star owned by you?
Did you lease or buy?
Was it paid with credit?
Come on. Don’t be shy.
What makes you so special?

I’m waiting to hear
one quip or phrase that will
alleviate fear
and make me feel better
about pain and love.

The few that can do it
are sent from above
to enlighten the world
and help folks break through
so this place won’t be filled
with assholes like you.


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